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Monkey Boy's Page

Majestic Eros aka Monkey Boy

Homozygous black ~ EEaa

(no Agouti)

Gray ~ n/n

Cream ~ n/n

Dun Factor ~ d/d

Appaloosa LP Factor ~ LP/lp

Stands 15.2h

* Registered with *

ASHDA ~ American Sugarbush Harlequin Draft Assoc

FHH ~ Friesian Heritage Horse

FSHR ~ Friesian Sport Horse

SSB ~ Stonewall Stud Book

Weanling Photo taken by Dale O'Malley

When Monkey Boy was hobbled,

he hopped like a frog to get to the other side!

He's a smart and funny guy!

You want me to do what?

You think this is funny don't ya?

Well, I ain't laughin'!

Monkey Boy and Elaini working out

Bath time!

Monkey Boy's Sire & Dam ↓

           Daniel 17h+                       Sarah Pratts Promise 15.2h

(Friesian)                 X                   (Appaloosa)

           Daniel 17h+                       Sarah Pratts Promise 15.2h

(Friesian)                 X                   (Appaloosa)

Appaloosa bloodlines include:

Pratts Sully Boy, Dun Roven Chelsea's Image, Chief Chelsea,

High Thunderbird, Royal Te, Sunspots Eclipse, Kaniksus Kochise,

Kaniksues Komanchie, Kaniksus Chain Lightning, Prince Charles,

Prince Plaudit. King Plaudit, Toby I, II, III, IV, Starbuck Leopard,

Nez Perce Stud & Mare, Holy Smoke, High Bar, Bambie E.,

Woodrow Shiek, Rocking Chair Sundance, Sundance,

Mansfield Comanche, Shiek H, Johnny Moccasin, Red Eagle,

Storm Cloud F, Painter III, Chocolate Sunday

and Navajo Four Corners Mare

Monkey Boy has lots of feathers, muscling,

energy and majestic charm of the Friesian

along with awesome color, intelligence

& stamina of the Appaloosa

He represents the perfect blend of the two breeds!

Monkey Boy's foals to date:

Bay filly with blanket (Majestic MacKenzie)

For Sale $2500

Black colt (Majestic Charlie)

For Sale $2500

Black colt (Majestic Black Smoke)

For Sale $2500

Black filly (Majestic Pearl)

For Sale $2500

Lord Xavier Ash aka Chaos

Black colt with LP/lp characteristics

3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Appaloosa

For Sale $6500

Lady Conda Leezza aka Condi

Black roan with spots filly

3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Appaloosa

Not for Sale

Black few spot colt (Majestic Blackjack)


Dun colt with spots (Majestic Chief)


Blue snowcap colt (Majestic Masterflash)


Black colt with blanket (Lord Abraxas)

3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Appaloosa


Black near leopard filly (Sugar On Top)


Bay near leopard filly (Majestic Cheetah)


Tri-colored leopard colt (Majestic Prints)


Solid black colt (Majestic Cobra)


Bay snowcap colt (Majestic Storm Cloud)


Solid bay colt (Majestic Wind Cloud)


Solid black colt (Majestic Thunder Cloud)