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Koda Bear's Page

~ Takoda Warrior ~

Arie MMF X Awe Lure MR

FHH #2077-2011

SDHR #G1-51-1212006

Also eligible for FSHR registry

PSSM1 ~ n/n

Bay blanket colt w/black & bay spots,

star, snip & rear coronets

Foal Date ~ 9/4/2011

Introducing Takoda Warrior (Koda Bear)

Takoda means "friend to everyone" to the

Native Americans.

He has great color and a regal "look at me" presence.

Koda Bear has a good mind and sweet personality

There are a lot of Friesian qualities in this boy

He has feathering, nice bone along with a

baroque style warhorse build

He also has true Friesian movement

Should mature to 15.1h+

For Sale $3500

Payments Welcome ~ Contact Us!